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Garden House is an old home that belonged to a lovely couple Sam & Maria. It was built by them for their retirement. When we bought the house some years ago, we were very sure we wanted to retain the old world charm and the beautiful country garden that Maria had so lovingly tended. 


While the house was renovated to make it more cosy and home-like for our family, the garden was pretty much left as it was - with old world flowers like irises and lilies blooming in little hidden corners. It's amazing how the entire garden changes colour every few months! There are months when all the lilac, purple & white  flowers are in bloom and then there are months when all the orange & yellow flowers take over! Not to forget the little delights of discovering a mound of red football lilies sprouting in the middle of the garden in another season!

“Once I enter the gates at Garden House, there is so much peace! Can't imagine that this place is in the middle of town...”

“When I desperately need to

de-stress and recharge, this is where I love to come - even if only for a weekend.”

“I love that the kids spend so much time outdoors and away from their devices!”

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